Shanta Paloma

Indie Soul Rock

SHAWN-ta  PaLOma

About SP

Shanta Paloma is a refreshing & soulful singer-songwriter who, according to Boston’s Metronome Magazine, “rocks with the intensity of a magnitude 6.0 earthquake.” Joan Jett meets Jewel through Shanta’s powerful, yet wistful voice. Brandishing guitar prowess that rivals both Ani Difranco & Nancy Wilson of Heart, she brings unusual talent to the stage. Her penchant for going in very different musical directions makes her music charismatic and happily hard to predict. Shanta is a walking song with highs & lows that go around full circle with a melody you can hold onto. With passionate delivery, Shanta offers poetic songs of truth and love that evocatively emote as effectively around a bonfire or on the biggest stage in town.

Voted one of the best singer-songwriters in the Pioneer Valley, Shanta Paloma can boast critical acclaim of a dozen publications, and is well-known from her hundreds of performances in local festivals and clubs, and regional radio & TV appearances. Her music can be heard on soundtracks; local compilation albums; and by thousands of her fans who follow her on social media. She has played famed venues, including CBGB’s, Cafe Wha?! and The Bitter End in NYC; and The Hippodrome, The Iron Horse & Pearl Street Ballroom in Western  Massachusetts. 

Her debut album was released in 2013 and compiled her best songs of the first 10 years of songwriting. Until now, she has been writing a song a month for a residency at Bishop’s Lounge in Northampton, Massachusetts. Last summer, an EP entitled Seven was recorded live at SoneLab Studios. This raw and naturally refined recording is in limited print, for exclusive audiences only.  A new, long-awaited, second album will be released in 2018.

Of her many accomplishments, SP’s music continues to spin on DJ Pat Kelly’s show on the commercial radio station, Lazer 99.3 FM Springfield, Everything That Rock! She can also be heard on several other community stations in New England. Shanta Paloma was voted to be one of the best Singer-Songwriter in the Pioneer Valley. Her music has also been featured on several compilation albums as well as on the soundtracks for two episodes of Mad Z Production’s internet mini-drama, “Without You.”

In the past, Shanta has added performance art to her act, using costumes & props to embody other artists as she covers their songs; and performing with a live painter, Matto, on stage. She has also set her music to a SpeakEasy theme show and to the dance performances of a Burlesque troupe. Her shows have been described as “emotive, original and fun!”