Live Appearance on Lazer 99.3 FM: Every Thing That Rocks!  w/ Pat Kelly

It was April 13th.  No, 14th. It was a Tuesday. I was to appear on Lazer 99.3 FM: Everything That Rocks, the coolest commercial radio show in Western Massachusetts. Yup.  So, you see, they have this weekly radio station party called Travelling Thirsty Thursday in which the hosts go to a new bar in the area, every week, for Happy Hour.  Between 5-7pm, you can goget free food at a bar and/or restaurant in the area and there will be raffles, prizes, and hanging with the radio crew. Pat Kelly is the afternoon host.  Well, one day in…uh… 2012?…2013?… i went to McCAffrey’s Pub on Main St., Springfield for Cinco de Mayo and met …ta ta ta taaaa!!… PAT KELLY!

Well,  I ran into him again at The Waterfront in early 2013 and gave him a copy of my CD right off the press! He was actually very receptive and listened to it and spun it for the past 2 years on his Locals Only show, weekdays around 6:45pm.   🙂  And the things he would say ~so supportive of my music! So, clearly I love him.  <3 <3 <3

Anyhoo, my Boos’ ~ many a Thursdays later, in 2015, I saw this friendly spirit at Villa Napoletana and he invited me onto his show to perform live.  Whaaaaa?!?!!?  *she does the Charleston in absolute glee*

Driving there, I get a text:  “Don’t be worried if you only see one car in the parking lot!”  he writes. … Hmmm, so I should expect “a little shady.”  Aiiight, I can hang!  My GPS takes me to a warehouse with no signs on it indicating any sort of radio station. And there is one car in the parking lot.  “Hmm, I think. It’s shady, but I guess I expected shady,” I think to myself.  I go off into a slight flight of Phantasy as I imagine Pat Kelly turning out to be a serial killer.  So I pull out my guitar and start tuning, while sitting on the trunk of my car.  The phone rings.   Pat:  “I think you are in the wrong place! The station is at the other end of the street!”  …. WHAT?! I rrrrrruuuuussssshhhhh and get my guitar in the case and drive down the road. Now there’s only 10 minutes to get ready! Bam! Bam! Bam!  HI!  Yay! Water?! Yes! Bathroom! Ok! Now Let’s Set Up! One Mic Here! Another There! It keeps drooping! Prop It Up with the guitar case Prop it up with a book, too! Here’s a video Note that we seem a lot calmer than what was warranted… 

We switched to a third, single mic.

OK.  Just a minute left! Sound check! … Sounds good!

A little More Guitar! Nah, it sounds good! Awesome! And, GO!!!!

And then there was the show.

I think we recorded it.  Well, I know we did; but I don’t have a copy in my lil’ hands, yet. I’ll share it with you when I do…





p.s.   IT WAS SO. MUCH. FUN.