CD Review by Boston’s Metronome Magazine, March 2015.

“Hailing from Massachusetts’ farm rich Pioneer Valley (Northampton; Springfield; Amherst) located in the Western part of the state, singer-songwriter-musician Shanta Paloma rocks with the intensity of a magnitude 6.0 earthquake. Brandishing a powerful, yet feminine rock & roll voice that rivals that of Pat Benatar, Paloma puts everything on the line when it comes to her music. A student of the world, Paloma’s ambassador father brought her from country to country as a child, where she learned not only how to adapt and assimilate, but to witness and absorb everything the globe had to offer. The result is a savvy artist that plays, writes and sings with fierce abandon. Best tracks include the punk infused album opener “Unspoken,” the high steppin’ “Wake Up, Bittersweet Love,” the hard rockin’ anthem “Keeper With A Player’s Mind,” the rocker noir “Bad Monkey,” the sassy “Sweet Cheeks,” and the introspective “Like A Little Girl.”

Shanta Paloma may not be a well known name on the Boston music circuit, but given the chance to strut her stuff, there’s no question that she’ll deliver the goods and a whole lot more. Good stuff!”

~ Douglas Sloan, Metronome Magazine, March, 2015


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