If you haven’t checked out my Youtube channel yet, you should click click click your way over there for Raw & Real Recordings on the Reg.

Per usual, I started off getting too complicated. My first video was Bettie Page inspired and I got all into making the stage back-drop, the costume, different frames etc to record a silly song called Sweet Cheeks…  I did the same with a cover song (Rolling In The Deep by Adele) and then started getting a little simpler with a bossa nova inspired original named Under Your Kiss.  After that, I said to myself –“Self, this is fun and all. Super fun, like for realsie realz. But, why don’t you, yoself and I give ’em the raw dawg real deal? Then, Self, you don’t have to wait until you have bangin’ recordings of each song. Too much pressure to make a quality video to go along with it, lady friend. And you ain’t gots nuthin’ but iMovie!”   I responded with, “I dunno whatchu talkin’ ’bout guurrrl – I’m already setting up my iPod video camera and am gonna play a song. So, shut yo mouf!”   (Yeah, I talk to myself in ebonics).

So here we are — I solemly swear by the power invested in me that I pinky promise  to make you videos in a more consistent and regular way. And I’m not crossing my toes.

These are Raw & Real Recordings ~ SPontaneously created and un-produced or polished (or practiced! *facepalm*).

Raw & Real Recordings on YouTube